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We established Liberty Swimming Pools & Spa in 2022 and have proudly been serving all kinds of properties in and around the Austin, TX area, offering perfect pool repair and other services! Our goal is to be exceptional and let our actions and experience speak for themselves – we want the best for our customers, and if you want to be among those who get our incredible work and professionals skills – you call – we write down your address, and get to you as soon as possible!

Swimming Pool Contractor

Swimming Pool Contractor

We Care About Everything 

We care about every detail of providing you with an incredible pool – from the construction to the installation of lovely tiles all over the walls and floor! It’s our job – that’s true – but we see it as so much more than that. We believe that the work of an exceptional swimming pool contractor is to keep up with every customer demand and make a plan that will take care of every detail from start to finish. Of course, if any changes are requested – we’re quick on our feet and do as asked!

We Aim for Perfection Every Time

There is no way to enjoy a pool other than in perfect condition. And that’s to say, not only in appearance but functionality as well. So let us address everything because you can rely on excellent construction, plumbing, pool repair, and even renovations! We know that a pool is no good unless every detail is incredible, and we have the skills to ensure that’s what you get when you hire us! Work with contractors who care, maybe even more than you, about the perfect swimming pool!

Call Liberty Swimming Pools & Spa at (737) 317-4382 and request to work with a swimming pool contractor who addresses more than just the perfect appearance! If you need everything from the excavation and starting construction to plumbing and renovations – we’re the team to get all that from! We cater to properties in and around the Austin, TX area and are yearning to show you what our experience and honed skills can provide for you in terms of perfection, functionality, and excellent results!

Services List

  • Pool Construction
  • Pool Repairs
  • Pool Renovations
  • Pool Plumbing Services
  • Pool Coping
  • Pool Tile Installation
  • Pool Excavation
  • Reinforced Concrete
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